Navigate your workspace at the speed of thought

Webscape helps professionals optimize their workflow, increases their ability to complete work faster and decreases distraction throughout the online workspace.

Navigate at the speed of thought

Always the shortest path to your destination

Instantly open the right project board, document, sales pipeline or anything else — without steps in between.

Never lose information again

Any text on a webpage, such as a comment, phrase, or hashtag is enough to retrieve it for you.

A knowledge base for years to come

Our search engine efficiently handles vast amounts of information. Enabling you to retain knowledge indefinitely.

Put an end to countless tabs

Safely close tabs you don’t need right now and retrieve the right one instantly when you do.

An uninterrupted workflow

Access or update documents in a breeze

Quickly open live webpages to copy a text snippet, update a Trello board, or edit a slide — directly from within Webscape.

The Smart Workspace

Control your entire workspace — from one place

Based on the services you use, common commands automatically become available — all from one unified interface.

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Pickup Where You Left Off

Switching tasks has never been easier

Next time you switch tasks, change projects or end your day, just save your session to instantly pick up where you left off.

Save sessions

Webscape makes it easier than ever before to save and reopen collections of pages.

Automated Collections

Setup rules that automatically sort webpages into collections with all your News, Work, etc.

Share Information

Share curated webpages related to a specific course, project, or topic in searchable format.

Enhance Privacy

Clear your digital footprints and reclaim your privacy

Privacy is a human right. Webscape uses legalisation and automation to give you one point of control.

EU Data Protection

Keep your private information within the leading privacy-first jurisdiction. Governed by Dutch legislation.

Clear Your Tracks

Keep only what you need, and clear your browser and search engines that track you automatically

Forget Me Automation
Coming Soon

Setup Webscape to send forget me request to services you no longer visit.

Enterprise-grade security for everyone

We value the confidence you've put in us and take the responsibility to protect your information very seriously. Webscape is more than just a service to find back webpages, it's a way for you to get control over all the services you use online.

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The fastest browsing experience ever made.

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