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Webscape is available anywhere in the browser, and anything you can open within it can be added to your Webscape.

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Instant Recall

Whether you're looking for a specific document, an email thread, or research, Webscape has you covered.

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Effortlessly group and open webpages used together — relating to specific projects or tasks.

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Personalised AI

AI interactions are automatically personalised based on your indexed records — tailored just for you.

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Instant Recall

Retrieve anything in seconds

Effortlessly navigate your workspace and retrieve what you need, when you need it — instantly, no matter how long ago.

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Always the shortest path

Directly open the specific page you need, bypassing the clutter and saving valuable time.

Effortless navigation

Everything you need right at your fingertips, eliminating repetitive actions and unnecessary clicks.

Put an end to countless tabs

Safely close tabs you don’t need right now and retrieve the right one instantly when you do.


Switching tasks has never been easier

When you change tasks, projects, or end your day, save your session to pick up exactly where you left-off later.

Save sessions

Instead of keeping countless tabs opened, save your session and reopen it whenever you need.

Switch workspaces

Open all the tabs you need at once, and close them without worry when you don't.

Share Information

Share curated webpages related to a specific course, project, or topic in searchable format.

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Seamlessly Integrated within Google

Webscape is your ultimate search companion — providing relevant results directly alongside your Google search.

100s of commands built-in

Perform Repetitive Actions Blazingly Fast

Create new docs, add new users, or search other services directly from Webscape.

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Privacy and Security

Clear your digital footprints and reclaim your privacy

Privacy is a human right. Webscape uses legalisation and automation to give you one point of control.

Privacy by design

Webscape a paid service; deriving income through paying users, not advertising.


Webscape securely encrypts your data so you're the only person who sees it.

Data Ownership

Easily import / export webpages prior to installing Webscape to make those search able too.

Enterprise-grade security for everyone

We value the confidence you've put in us and take the responsibility to protect your information very seriously. Webscape is more than just a service to find back webpages, it's a way for you to get control over all the services you use online.

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